Recruitment Process


Our Recruiment Process

After a statement of understanding is signed with WorkBridge our team of recruiters based in Central Europe starts our recruitment process. The recruitment process usually takes 4-8 weeks within which WorkBridge presents you qualified candidates who are actively or passively. The recruitment process begins with a job description that defines the roles, responsibilities, skills, education and experience that is required to successfully fill a role.

Job Description

  • Sharing a Job Description
  • Initial Meeting if further Clarification is needed for a Role
  • WorkBridge Recruitment Team starts the Recruiting Process

Recruitment Process

  • WorkBridge hires candidates from Central Europe and Asia
  • Based on your Business Needs WorkBridge invites candidates for Initial Interview


    • First Interview
    • Personality Test
    • Skills Test (80% Pass Grade)

Candidates that pass the initial interview and Skills test are presented to your organization for an interview to determine their skills and fitness into the team. Those who pass the second set of interviews then go through:

  • Reference Checks
  • Security Clearance

Once all the above conditions are met a candidate is Offered a job position.