If you are interested in working directly with the clients and work on projects that push you out of your comfort zone then WorkBridge is your Bridge to a challenging Career.
The first step to embark on this journey is to apply for (link to jobs page) an Open position. Once your application has been received and reviewed an online interview will be scheduled with you.

Your CV/Resume

WorkBridge recommends its candidates to add as much information to their CV as possible. Its better to have detailed information in your CV so employers can learn about your accomplishments.

Selection Process

The selection process WorkBridge has in place is to ensure that you as a Candidate is the right fit for the position.

First Interview

The first Interview is conducted with WorkBridge team and is a high-level interview to evaluate your language and technical skills. You might be asked to rework you CV/Resume before you are presented to the client. So, its better to work on your CV before you apply for a specific position.

Second Interview

The next step in the process is to meet the client’s team who will evaluate you on your ability to work independently, respond to challenges and deliver value.

Background Checks

Background and references checks are required to ensure that data security of our clients and their customer data is protected.

Job Offer and Contracts

During the term of engagement, you will be working as an independent contractor and not an employee of WorkBridge, its affiliates or its clients. WorkBridge offers a standard contract of two years to all independent consultants which is renewable based on your performance.